Ice cream philosophy and processing

Lemongrass is the artisan ice cream parlour full of italian tradition’s taste in Rome, where you can taste an organic and quality excellence ice cream.
A brand new organization capable of rebuilding the ice cream offers in Rome, with various and always renovated list of flavours; an important feature of Lemongrass hancrafted process is to produce an ice cream without lactose, without any hydrogenated fat and all of those additions that hardly limit the artisan ice cream quality.
Inside the sales points there are the processing laboratories, so to guarantee a daily ice cream production and an always fresh taste, thanks to the ingredients taken from italian regions’ excellences like the Pistacchio D.O.P. from Bronte, the Piemonte hazelnut best knowns as “Tonda Gentile”. Every single flavour is made by the best seasonal and regional provenience.